LDR Tonemapping

by Nasca Octavian PAUL


This program is for tonemapping the low-dinamic-range images. Unlike the other tonemappers, this takes 1 LDR image and outputs another LDR image. This reduces the global contrast of the pictures and increases the local contrast.



Examples and screenshots

Click on image below to see more screenshot and some examples: 



You can download the source code for Linux or binary for Windows from HERE.



    This tonemapper produces a desatured and blured version of the image which is combine with each RGB channel using a function. This process can be applied more than one time and each time the effect is applied is called a 'stage'. After this, the user can desaturate the portions of the image where the initial value was either very low or very high. After this step, there is an optional unsharp mask to enhance the details of the processed image.
    The user can view the original image, the processed image or both images same time (original is in the left and processed in the right).
    User can pan the image by dragging with the mouse and can zoom by using the scroll wheel.

Tonemapping parameters

Usually, the parameters are not linear: on lower settings they grow very slow, but on the higher settings they grows very fast. This produces more 'natural' behaving settings.For each stage this parameters are available:
The next parameters are global for the whole effect:
Unsharp parameters



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20090121  First public release

20090201  Added preview on file open, zoom by mouse scroll wheel



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