ZynAddSubFX 3.0 Demo (aka Zyn-Fusion)

The 3.0 series is here. For those who want to see what's in store there is a demo for 64bit linux and 64bit windows systems. The packaging is a little light so the installation is still somewhat manual, but outside of that it should be production ready.

Currently the only limitation of the demo build is that it becomes silent after running for 10 minutes.

Windows users:

To obtain a copy of the demo simply grab a copy from last patch version or current release After extracting it with a tool like 7zip you can run the standalone via zynaddsubfx.exe or you can point your plugin host at the directory and use the included VST version.

Linux users:

To obtain a copy of the demo simply grab a copy from here or the previous patch version. Extract the tarball and as root run the installation shell script 'install-linux.sh'. You can then run the installed 'zynaddsubfx' to access the standalone. LV2 and VST versions are also installed by the installer.

Mac users:

To obtain a copy of the demo simply grab a copy from here.

Reporting Issues:

If you encounter any issues, please report them on the issue tracker


How much does the 3.0.x version cost?

Binaries are available for $45+ USD. Anyone who has contributed directly to the mainline zyn code over the years (i.e. in the AUTHORS.txt file or in git history) can get a free set of binaries copy if they're interested. Otherwise it's possible to build the source at zero cost.

Wait, I have to pay for this?? Isn't ZynAddSubFX free software?

ZynAddSubFX is and will continue to be GPLv2+ software with the source code available at no cost. The UI component of Zyn-Fusion was closed source for a short period of time. Prebuilt binaries are avilable at non-zero cost. This model is being used to help fund the months of full time development needed for the UI rewrite.

What about updates?

Purchasing a copy of Zyn 3.0.x will provide access to binaries for the whole 3.0.x series. This will include bugfixes and minor features.

What about Windows XP (or generally 32bit windows) support?

At the moment the toolchain to build windows binaries uses mingw64 and it's only configured to produce 64 bit binaries. I'm not sure if later releases of Zyn will target 32bit windows or not, it largely depends on the demand.

What toolkit is this written in?

Zyn-Fusion is written in mruby-zest, a custom toolkit just used by zyn.

Who designed the UI?

The UI was based off several seriously excellent designs made by Budislav Stepanov.

Who coded the UI?

That would be me, Mark McCurry aka. fundamental, the current ZynAddSubFX maintainer.

When did it become available?

November 17th 2016