Nasca Octavian Paul:

I am 29 (Jun. 2010) years old and I live in Romania. I am interested in computers, music, etc. I graduated the studies at Mathematics-Computer Science university from my town, Tg. Mures.

I started to program in 1992. About that year I started to be interested in music. The problem was that the keyboard that I wanted was much too expensive for me. This made me start studding how I can use the computer as synthesizer. So, I had written my first synthesizer. I won the third prize for it at programming national contest for it. After that, I have written a new synth "Paul's Sound's Designer", and put it on the net at . The sounds made by it were very good; many ideas from it I used in ZynAddSubFX as ADsynth. After that I started to write another synth based on filtering harmonics from white noise, but I didn't finished it. Anyway the ideas from it I called SUBsynth and I implemented in ZynAddSubFX. All these programs were written for DOS, because the computer I had was an 486.

In March 2002 I started to write ZynAddSubFX. I hope that this program will help many people to make music.


Mark McCurry:

I am a GNU/Linux user from the USA that likes to program in my free time. After I found ZynAddSubFX, it seemed like a good and very interesting program that could be updated. In January 2009 I began creating patches for some issues with the CVS head. Later in Feburary I joined the project. From then forward I have tried to help improve ZynAddSubFX. I am currently trying to document, test, simplify, and expand the internal of this softsynth.

For those who had seen this website previously I am responsible for the alterations to it.

e_mail:  fundamental AT users D0t sourceforge D0t net

Harald Hvaal:

Hello, I'm a Norwegian linux user sharing the hobbies of the two people above. I'm the most recent newcomer to zynaddsubfx development. I joined this project a little while after discovering ZynAddSubFX; my first impression was that it's the greatest synth around, but didn't quite do it right with the user interface. For this reason I decided to pitch in with my experience in Qt development, and I am currently working on a whole new user interface for zyn that works nicely with the other new yet-to-be-announced features coming.

e_mail:  harald.hvaal AT gmail D0t com

Other Contributers

  1. Robert Bristow-Johnson:
  2. Jezar at Dreampoint:
    • For the Freeverb that was written and published in public domain, which was used in the tunings of Freeverb within the Reverb effect.
  3. Gerald Folcher
    • legato mode
    • mono note improvements
  4. Lars Luthman
    • zombie fix
    • LASH support
  5. Daniel Clemente
    • fixing X11 repeated key press bug
  6. Emmanuel Saracco
    • JACK output fix
  7. Achim Settelmeier
    • QUERTZ keyboard layout for virtual keyboard
  8. Jérémie Andréi
    • AZERTY keyboard layout
    • Array index fix
    • OSS failsafe
  9. Alexis Ballier
    • const char* <-> string mismatch
    • NULLMidi prototype fix
  10. Tobias Doerffel
    • static-instance variables fix
    • missing include fix
  11. James Morris
    • Memory leaks in FLTK GUI
  12. Stephen Parry
    • DSSI rebuild
  13. Ryan Billing
    • APhaser
  14. Hans Petter Selasky
    • OSS Midi
    • FreeBSD support
    • Bank UI bug patch
  15. Damien Goutte-Gattat
    • Bank select midi support
  16. Lieven Moors
    • Spike/Circle waveform
  17. Olaf Schulz
    • MIDI Aftertouch Support
  18. Jonathan Liles
    • Non Session Support
    • NTK Support
  19. Johannes Lorenz
    • Effect Documentation
  20. Ilario Glasgo
    • Italian Translation of docs
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